Careers Services

Mod’Art provides various opportunities to place its students in internships in businesses:

• On-campus interviews organised all year long.
Mod’art International offers companies the opportunity to recruit students, on campus, on a one to one basis.

• Career / Internship Fair
Twice a year, Mod’Art invites its Business Partners to participate to a fair way recruiting either interns or graduated.

• Mock Interview Sessions

• Active Pro le Screening:
Via their intranet, students have access to all our business partners offers. Our business partnerships of ce helps both students and businesses to get in touch with each other.

• Resumes and Personal Branding Workshops:
Mod’Art International helps students to build up their print or/and web resumes, to manage their pro les on social networks, to write cover letters, to reply to offers, to form a portfolio, and finally to train them for job interviews.


Internships are at the heart of Modart International’s teaching methods. Students can have up to 36 months of internships over the course of their five years of study at Modart. Internships allow them to dive into real day-to-day lives of fashion and luxury businesses, thus bringing and developing their practical abilities and experience. Their internships also allow students to enlarge and develop their professional networks. Putting together all professional experiences, one can notice how fast is the Graduates’ workplacement.

1st and 2nd years: Field internships: 2 to 4 months Internship schedules offer a close interaction with Fashion calendar.
3rd year: In-depth internship: 6 months
MBA programs: Professional internships: 4 to 6 months. This internship is an entry ticket to the working side of the fashion and luxury industry, and is also the most important factor in determining the interns’ professional integration.

To find an internship or co-opt