Mod’Art Spirit

Mod’Art International, a top Parisian School of Fashion, with an international calling, trains future leaders and key market players of the textile, accessories and luxury industries.

Mod’Art International is a leading institution offering Bachelor, Master of Arts and MBA programmes in Fashion Design and Fashion Management. Through multiple interdisciplinary projects, Mod’Art International offers a unique opportunity to fashion designers and fashion managers to collaborate and extend their professional skills.

Located in modern and vast premises bathed of lights close to the Eiffel Tower, the school welcomes students, both national and international, in exceptional work conditions and environment. This diversity of cultures and origins boosts the students openess and creativity. To focus on international openess and intercultural management, we offer both study abroad and students’ exchange programmes in co-operation with our partner universities worldwide, along with the track taught in English.

Mod’Art delivers a French know-how, recognised in the world of fashion and luxury. By adapting its curriculum to the technical, economic and creative global evolutions of the fashion industry, Mod’Art provides an ultimate training to be prepared to occupy positions in an evolving workplace while meeting demanding academic requirements
of the awarding of recognised French State degrees.

Annabel Bismuth – Dean of Mod’Art International

Key points of fashion school Mod’art International


Through interdisciplinary projects, students attending the Fashion Design and Fashion Management Curriculum, work together on an annual basis on the following subjects:

  • Mood Boards, Collection plan
  • Creation of one item of a wardrobe based on brand identity
  • Brand positioning and strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Merchandising
  • Organization of a Fashion Show


Master Classes delivered by fashion experts, allow students to get in-depth training in various elds, such as:

  • Fashion and trends: lingerie, sportswear and more.
  • Innovative textiles
  • Ethics and fashion