The student union, or Bureau des Elèves (BDE), animates day-to-day student life, punctuating it with strong events allow each student to express themselves in every eld – athletic, cultural, economic and humanitarian.

Throughout the entire year, student-club activities give Modart International Paris students the opportunity to relax, prove their creativity, achieve ambitious projects and develop their interpersonal skills.

Teamwork, experimentation and self-ful llment are at the heart of this commitment which goes hand in hand with the school’s teaching project, by offering students an environment that fosters the development of student-club activities and of student life.


This program aims at multiplying contacts between the School, its students and the outside world. It arouses initiatives, either serious or fun, allowing students to get involved in cultural, humanitarian or social activities, and to network with professionals and students from other French schools and universities.

This program is built around a four-tier approach:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Team spirit
  • Personal development and leadership
  • Communication skills